Why Training is must in Aviation Industry? A well-trained workforce is vital to the success of any company. Employees that are regularly trained can add value in new ways and stay in sync with the company’s goals and vision. What’s more, your employees want training. Research shows, 61 percent of those polled said they would be more effective at work with training, and 60 percent blamed workplace mistakes on a lack of training. This lack of training is leading to disengaged employees who either fall below their capabilities or leave the company behind. An organization can always continue to improve, and employee trainings are an important way to build and strengthen the company from the ground up. The best companies know that every employee is vital to its success, and every employee needs to be aligned with the company’s goals. Elysium will help you provide customized training sessions at every level. Invest in your company’s future by investing in your employees today. Because of the nature of the activities involved in the aviation business, training is a must. Practically every firm, training is an important aspect of the human resource development program. Because it makes people more efficient and productive, training is the cornerstone of effective management. The following topics can be explored in relation to the relevance of training: (i) Benefits of standardization Training is used to standardize the production procedures. Because all trained personnel use the same production processes and procedures, there can be little difference in the output and standards achieved by different individuals. The output quality would be improved if standardized approaches were used. (ii) Increased organizational stability and flexibility Employees can learn and develop abilities to work in a variety of departments in an organization through training. Training also leads to a low percentage of labor turnover, implying that organizations are more consistent in maintaining employees for lengthy periods of time. Low employee turnover translates to greater organizational stability. Employees may be assigned to many departments over time as they develop a diverse set of talents through appropriate training. This ensures flexibility. (iii) Increased/Improved morale Employee morale is raised as a result of reduced unhappiness at work, fewer complaints, less absenteeism, as well as greater interest in work during the post-training period. Increased loyalty to the organization is a result of improved morale. (iv) Reduced supervision and direction A trained employee understands what he is supposed to accomplish and how to execute it, thus he doesn’t need any guidance or supervision. Instead than focusing on continual and regular supervision, supervisors can concentrate their efforts to solving more essential challenges. (v) Efficient use of resources A well-trained individual utilizes available resources more effectively and efficiently (materials, machines, and equipment). Reduced production costs and increased profitability arise from optimal resource utilization. (vi) Increase in productivity Training leads to an improvement in the number and quality of commodities produced, which leads to increased productivity. (vii) Future manpower needs Employees that receive proper training are eligible for promotion and greater responsibilities. An expanding and growing organization wants to train current employees so that they can advance to higher positions in the future. (viii) Improved industrial relations Training offers a foundation for maintaining positive industrial relations. Employees gain the impression that their employer cares about them and is interested in them as a result of training programs. (ix) Reduced workplace accidents Untrained personnel are prone to making mistakes when operating machinery and equipment, resulting in workplace mishaps. Training eliminates (reduces) the risk of an event as a result of mistreatment of the organization’s equipment, machinery, and other resources. (x) Reduced learning time! Proper training and development programs guarantee that the organization’s resources are handled safely, resulting in a reduction in accident rates. Elysium imparts quality education through highly skilled faculty members possessing diverse Aviation experience in Airports, Airlines, Air Traffic Control, Cargo, Safety and Security, Corporate Aviation etc. The high quality programs conducted by the Elysium by its highly skilled Faculty Members and Subject Matter Experts in their respective disciplines are unique. We facilitate placement assistance for deserving candidates. The focus of our courses is on the key areas of Airport/Airline Operations with real life situations and examples, up-to-date Aviation Training and motivation for a successful future as a professional in the Aviation Industry. We Elysium provide employee training that can elevate performance across the board, from new employees to skilled veterans and management. We can teach employees in a variety of areas of Operations, Administration, Finance, Customer Service   including communicating effectively, improving performance, and managing time and resources. We can also train employees on specific software and programming as needed. Our programs are geared toward your organization’s individual needs based on our thorough evaluation of your processes and personnel. Along with employee training we are focused on next generation on employee at colleges who are being educated to dive into the very new world after completion of their education. The new world which they with step-up as employee or entrepreneur is totally different from what they have gone through college courses. The Outside world requires revamped processes, manage different customer expectations and of course the new regulations as well. Our trainings would assist ad encourage the new generation of employees and entrepreneurs with Updated Skills, Enhanced Knowledge, Expert’s insights and flexibility improvement. We ,Elysium H.R Solution And Career Development Pvt. Ltd ( Elysium) the  organization established in 2019 with the objective of providing professional training and enhancing  the knowledge and skills  of staff members involved in organizations related to airline and aviation industries( but not limited to) to meet the growing demand for internationally competent human resource. Elysium is recognized by International Air Transport Association (IATA) and is the only of its kind in Nepal to have been conferred as Authorized Training Center ( ATC)  and Authorized Training School (ATS) of IATA.