• September 21, 2020
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This course is to familiarize participants with Cargo Processes and Procedures.

  • Topic: Basic Air Cargo Training
  • Duration: September 19th – 20th, 2020
  • Number of Participants: 13
  • Participants from: Himalaya Airlines

Upon Completion of Course, participants are:

  • Familiarize to Air Cargo and Cargo specific procedural requirements for Cargo acceptance, packaging and Buildup Process
  • Familiarize to Applicable regulations, laws, requirements and Manuals and SOPs
  • Introduced to ULD, special cargo, DG, and Handling Codes
  • Familiarize to Preflight and post Flight functions, Operational message and discrepancy messages
  • Able to Understand hazards associated with cargo operations, Safety and Security requirements including methods of screening, secondary and tertiary methods, EU screening requirements.
  • Able to demonstrate Ramp Safety procedure

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