Training is a must for anyone who works in airline or airport ground handling operations according to their job function. For beginners, initial training is required to acquire required competencies, and later regular recurrent training is required to maintain and update the skills. Training are directly related to meet safety standard and regulations of the airports and airlines as well as to mitigate the risk of occupational health and safety hazards to employees.

Keeping Safety of the aircraft, ground equipment, and employees’ health safety on top priority, training is one of the most important assets to increase productivity and improve the quality of services required for airlines. Hence, it is indeed a top priority to offer suitable training in all organizational levels, not only middle and top management to the employees involved or willing to peruse their career in airlines/aviation and freight handling Industries. Training enhances company reputation and, of course, is needed to pass audits conducted by airlines. Well-balanced training and personnel development also help an individual to be selected as an employee and a company benefits by selecting such candidates who are trained in advance.

Since the airlines/aviation sectors have been providing numerous job opportunities to graduates in Nepal and Nepalese nationals abroad especially at middle east airports, In the past in Nepal there were not any professional courses that focused on the airlines/aviation sector and groomed the students to take on roles in these sectors. Usually, graduates of any discipline used to apply for airline/aviation jobs and airlines had to spend time and resources to train such staff members risking the safety hazard of employees. To fill this gap of the requirements of such tailored training courses which caters to the skilled human recourse requirement for airlines and aviation sectors, Elysium H.R. Solution and Career Development Pvt. Ltd. Initiated and has come up with internationally recognized International Air transportation Association (IATA) accredited courses for the first time in Nepal. Now students may pursue after finishing their +2 Grade of studies for internationally recognized courses residing in their own hometown and prepare themself to become an airline/aviation professional. This provides an immanence opportunity to the youths of Nepal to earn internationally accredited training and qualify themselves as airlines these days do not waste their time and resources to train the employees after recruitment, rather they seek trained candidates as an applicant for their required positions.

With upcoming international airports in Pokhara and Bhairawa, it is high time for the local competent candidates who are willing to peruse their career in the airline/aviation sector, to pull their strings and get ready to seek such useful training sooner the possible. IATA accredited training school is an authentic place to be trained as per international standards. Elysium H.R. Solution and career development Pvt. Ltd. is the one and only IATA accredited training School in Nepal providing internationally approved IATA training required for youths willing to start their career in airline, Air cargo, and ground handling sectors.

We provide a tailored training service for airlines, airport ground handling agents, and cargo agents. With our complete training service, an individual and a company can efficiently and flexibly train operational staff and maintain competencies required by airlines and authorities.

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