Travel Consultants: who are these people?

Travel and Tourism Industry is a global multibillion-dollar industry that caters to recreational, leisure and business travelers. This industry covers transportation services, hospitality services, and entertainment. Today, travel companies do not want to do book trips on GDS only they want extra mile of services using their personal contacts around the world. Thus new job profile have emerged as “ Travel Consultant” who rarely takes order and becomes the part of collaborative decision process.

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What is Travel Consultant ?

A travel consultant specializes in coordinating and booking travel arrangements for individuals, groups and businesses. They differ from travel agents in that they offer more specialized services and represent you, not an agency, airline or hotel, explains Travel Professional News. Travel Consultants customize and construct complex travel itineraries, develop specialized knowledge of travel products and shows the skills to process ticket exchanges and reissues.

Planning the perfect vacation may be tough, but a travel consultant can help alleviate all that stress away from your shoulders. Instead of spending hours bargaining for the best deals and losing sleep about organizing logistics in a foreign destination, you should just engage a travel consultant.

Why Tourism Industries are hiring Travel Consultants ?

 #1 Insider’s insights

Travel consultants have indepth knowledge on the fine hotels, best-value tours, most exciting activities that you might not be able to get from online resources.

#2 Time-saving

When you use travel consultants such as New Era Travel to handle your vacation planning – from coordinating your itinerary to organizing logistics in a domestic/foreign destination – you will find that you suddenly have time for everything else!

#3 No stress!

Stressful Vacation is a disaster. The Travel consultants can eliminate the common stressors associated with travelling, especially in a foreign destination. Don’t worry, travel happy!, enjoy at fullest.

#4 Help with documentation

Boarding passes, transit documentation and all the other necessary documents required at a different country – it can get really confusing. Leave them all to your travel consultant!

#5 Added value

Travel consultants can often pass on exclusive discounts or extra perks from their partners or suppliers. Such as special fares on flight tickets, accommodation, or even activities – are all added values for your upcoming vacation.

#6 Unique experiences

Do not want a basic (or boring) vacation? Engage a travel consultant to design a customized trip based on what you want and need! Leveraging on their wide network of partners worldwide, travel consultants can offer unique experiences and services,

#7 Professional service

As the saying goes, ‘leave it to the professionals’. And like any professional advisors, travel consultants really do know more than you do, so trust in their professional service and advice.

#8 Your best advocate

Any unforeseen hiccups in your travel can cause you much headache! Your travel consultant is always your best advocate in helping you with everything such as lost passports or even if you need any trip extensions! They have your best interests at heart.

#9 Personalized touch

A human element is essential in the process of planning a vacation. It’s not just always about the deals – it’s about working with your personal travel consultant who is invested in your happiness and satisfaction, and knows what you need and want.

#10 Perfect vacation!

The last reason is of course, all of the above packaged into one. Vacation time is valuable, so put your trust in a reliable travel consultant such as Sunway Travel, and enjoy a perfect vacation every single time.

Are all these exactly what you want for your upcoming trip? Engage the professional service of a reliable travel consultant today, and embark on a truly carefree vacation!




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