Ground operation course in Nepal

A ground operation course can help you with the information and abilities required to succeed if you’re considering an aviation career.  The first and only IATA-accredited training facility in Nepal, Elysium Aviation Academy, will provide a variety of flexible and professional specialty training. To better suit the needs of the students, this teaching can be tailored as needed. We provide a broad range of flexible and professional specialized training.

Why is it important?

Training like ground handling is essential for safety, efficiency, customer service, and career growth.  It ensures that personnel are aware of safety regulations, procedures, and best practices, which helps prevent accidents and incidents. It also teaches them how to handle aircraft, equipment, and landing or takeoff processes efficiently, which leads to faster turnaround times.

What do the courses involve?

This training program from Elysium Aviation Academy provides students with information and skills all related to on-ground-related professions. The subjects covered in the course include:

Basic course:

This introductory course covers the fundamental abilities and information needed for any ground staff. It includes issues including luggage handling, refueling, safety procedures, and aircraft marshaling.

Advanced course:

The advanced ground operation course is intended for seasoned specialists who wish to improve their knowledge and abilities. It covers things like maintaining ground support equipment, sophisticated aircraft marshaling methods, and handling hazardous materials.

Ramp Safety:

People can learn about the safety precautions that must be taken when using a ramp. It addresses issues including hazard recognition, communication, and emergency protocols.

Load Control Course:

Those who wish to work in load control should take this course. It addresses issues including airplane performance, cargo loading techniques, and weight and balance calculations.

Passenger Handling Course:

This course is for those who desire to work in the passenger handling industry. Topics including check-in processes, boarding procedures, and passenger services are covered.

What are these courses for and their requirements?

The information and abilities needed to perform a variety of on-ground tasks in the aviation sector are taught in this course. Ground handling, which includes a variety of tasks like airplane handling, passenger handling, cargo handling, safety, and security, is a crucial component of airport operations. Besides these Elysium provides other courses and training programs that are essential for any individual looking to secure a career in the aviation sector.

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